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Let our team bring customers to your door so you can focus on what you do best.


We will develop a business and marketing plan that works best for you and your budget


Stand out from your competition with a great looking, customized web site.


Promote your business through numerous avenues, including social media, e-mail and brochures.


Who We Are

SMB Marketing is a boutique marketing agency that is dedicated to assisting small to medium sized businesses navigate through the chaos and confusion of todays online marketing strategies to identify the best ones to reach customers that will help their business grow.

As successful business owners we know how difficult and costly it can be to attain new customers and retain your existing ones on a tight budget.  Many of the strategies we suggest to our customers were gained through hands on experience in growing a business from scratch to eight figures without any outside investments.

We learned first hand what works and what doesn’t when it comes running a business and how to attract new customers, especially for small to medium sized businesses.  There’s no doubt your business will greatly benefit from the years of experience and mistakes we made in our own businesses.


No two companies are exactly alike nor should their business and marketing strategies be the same.  Our team will work with you to learn your business so we can create a business and marketing plan, website or social media campaign that is specific to your needs and budget.


Desktop computers, while still prevalent, are losing ground to tablets and cell phones.   Businesses require a website that looks great no matter what device is being used to view it.  Our websites are custom designed to work under all platforms, including desktop, tablet and mobile phone browsers.


Our team is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.  Our goal is to make every customer a reference account.  We encourage potential clients to contact our existing customers to verify the quality of our service.

Why choose SMB Marketing?

As successful business owners we know what it takes to grow your business within a specific budget.


We create products and services that satisfy the basic needs of small and medium sized businesses without the extra bells and whistles your company might not need, may not understand how to use or can’t afford. We will hold your hand in designing a marketing strategy that makes sense, grows your business and doesn’t break the bank.  We can then provide training and support so that you can execute the strategy on your own or offer monthly services that will allow you to focus on running your business while we handle the marketing.

  • Custom Website Design & Corporate Publishing
  • Advertising - Social Media, Adwords, E-mail
  • Interactive and Onscreen Video Production
  • E-Commerce and Online Storefronts
  • Online and Social Media Reputation Management
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Business Consulting
  • Website and E-mail Hosting Services
  • Online Training and e-Learning










Websites, brochures and videos we've created for some of our valued customers.

Splendor Foot Spa

Branding, Creative, Design, Photogrpahy, Print, Website Design

Salon Brielle

Creative, Design, Photogrpahy, Website Design

Chubs Meats

Branding, Creative, Design, Photogrpahy, Website Design

South Shore Golf

Branding, Creative, Design, Photogrpahy

PMHS Team 329

Branding, Design, Photogrpahy, Print

Imaging 411

Branding, Creative, Design

Hitachi Scanners (

Branding, Design, Identity

Our Latest News

SMB Marketing is growing fast, stay updated here on our latest projects and success stories

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Navigating The Rough Facebook Ads Seas

18 Feb 2020
Facebook is one of the oldest and best suited social media platforms for the majority of businesses that wish to communicate with existing customers and attain new prospects.  Creating content is fairly easy on Facebook but gaining followers, li...
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Hey Alexa, bring me some new customers

12 Dec 2019
We are living in an exciting time. We have: watches we make phone calls on just like Dick Tracy used, smartphones that provide us with access to tons of useful and useless information, cars that can drive themselves (well almost), and web appliances...
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Stand out from your competition with creative designs that look great regardless of the type of device your customers use.


Select the right platform for your business. SMB Marketing develops HTML / JQuery, WordPress, JOOMLA and Concrete based websites.

Business Partners & Clients

SMB Marketing is proud to be associated with our clients and partners.

Every business must be aware of their weaknesses and limitations.  We recognize we may not have all the answers to our clients questions which is why we’ve built a great network of partners to assist us.  Our partners help us provide;

  • Business Consulting
  • Accounting and Tax Preparation
  • Web Hosting
  • Automated Business Solutions