We help small businesses increase acquire new customers.


We specialize in creating customized websites for small to medium sized businesses


We will assist you in gaining new followers to increase your outreach for announcements and promotions.


Videos and podcast production, including video, audio recording, post production and publishing.

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.


We specialize in working with small business owners.  We create marketing plans and web designs that are customized and tailored to our clients needs and budget.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and don’t charge our customers until they are 100% satisfied with the design and have signed off on it.   Our contracts are client friendly that allow immediate cancellation of social media marketing, hosting and website maintenance services without penalties or advanced notice.


SMB Marketing Inc is a boutique marketing agency that specializes in working with small business owners that are looking to acquire new customers in a budget conscious manner.  Our focus is on our clients success and we take tremendous pride in watching their business grow. 

  • We will strive to ensure you're 100% satisfied
  • 12 month Interest free financing of website design and development
  • Web Hosting and maintenance services that keep your site current and protected.
  • Social media marketing specialists - Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Video and Podcast design and production
  • Marketing and business consulting to assists small businesses in long term planning.

Give us a call

SMB Marketing is striving to change the dynamics of how marketing agencies work with clients.  We maintain a personal touch and treat our clients like friends, not numbers.   If you are looking to expand your business or not satisfied with your current marketing agency, please give us a call.

NY – 631-228-8090
FL – 772-232-8140


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Jan 2020
2nd Jan 2020

It’s 2020, how are you planning to grow your business?

The start of a new year typically brings hope and promise as people make resolutions to be healthier, better people, etc. but what resolutions are you making for your business?
Dec 2019
12th Dec 2019

Hey Alexa, bring me some new customers

We are living in an exciting time. We have: watches we make phone calls on just like Dick Tracy used, smartphones that provide us with access to tons of useful and useless information, cars that can drive themselves (well almost), and web appliances with voice assistants that answer our questions and handle various mundane tasks on our behalf.

Mar 2019
26th Mar 2019

“Think not what your customers can do for you…

We all shop online and we know the reasons why. Your job as a brick and mortar business owner is to address those reasons. Look at your business objectively as a customer and consumer and determine if you'd leave the comforts of your home to shop in it.
Jun 2018
3rd Jun 2018

Five Ways To Avoid Your Customers Spam Folder

If you're like me, you get 100's of emails a day and many end up in your  "Junk E-mail" or for those really worthless e-mail senders, the "Deleted Items" folder.   I noticed recently, after speaking to a client about using email campaigns for his marketing communications, that some email I receive is
Apr 2018
17th Apr 2018

Kill Your Bad Reviews With Kindness

No owner or manager wants to see a bad review about their business that could impact their online reputation.  Many take bad reviews as personal insults or attacks but you can't take it personal, it's just business.  Recent studies have shown that roughly 40% of consumers will post a
15th Apr 2018

How can marketing help your business?

Since the formation of our company we've had an opportunity to meet a lot of small business owners and discuss their businesses with them.  These are all smart, driven business owners who are experts in their respective businesses but are so razor focused on