Written by Joe Paradiso

Our Mission: Help David Beat Goliath

After 20 years of working for and owning small businesses, Joe Paradiso, President of SMB Marketing learned first hand how difficult it can be for a small business to compete against larger competitors.

Small businesses typically don’t have the financial or staff resources to develop and execute marketing plans that can compete with those of their larger competitors.  Those small business that are fortunate enough to have a marketing budget are often at a loss as to the determine the most effective means to spend that money.

Small business owners are typically very good at what their business does, whether that be running a restaurant, performing home improvement work or selling products from a store front or website.  They have a passion for their business and confidence in their ability to be successful.   Unfortunately, unlike the famous baseball movie, Field of Dreams, building it does not mean the customers will come, you have to find a way to let them know you’re there and this is where many businesses fail.

At Imaging 411 Inc (Joe’s previous business) we competed against some of the largest companies in the imaging industry and had marketing budgets that dwarfed our annual revenues.  We wasted a lot of marketing money in the early years trying to beat our competitors at their own game.   We quickly realized that in order to maximize our marketing dollars we had to have specific, targeted messages that allowed us to stand out from our competitors.

Every business has a weakness, even the best in the industry,  our goal at SMB Marketing is to help our customers identify areas where their strengths align with their competitors weaknesses and then create the appropriate marketing campaigns to help communicate the message.


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