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Written by Joe Paradiso

Welcome “Back 2 Reality”

“Back 2 Reality” will be the official SMB Marketing blog where we share and discuss our experiences not only as business and marketing consultants but also as customers and consumers.  We will cover a wide range of topics that we think are beneficial

or practices that could be harmful to your business in a casual and fun way.  The real goal of Back 2 Reality is to help you view your business from a different perspective and to offer hints and suggestions on ways to possibly improve your business.

We selected to name our blog “Back 2 Reality” because we have met too many business and marketing consultants that live in an alternative reality where they set unrealistic goals and expectations with their customers.  We’re never going to promise to make you #1 in your search rankings, or to increase your revenue by 50%.   We have a realistic and pragmatic approach towards business and our methods for working with our customers are based upon proven business and marketing principles that we have used throughout the years to make our own businesses successful.

Back 2 Reality won’t help anyone nor be fun for us if no one reads it, so we want your feedback and ideas on topics that you’d like to see covered.  If we select your idea, you’ll be given full credit in the blog that it appears in, as well as a link to your website (doesn’t everyone loves free marketing) so all of our viewers will learn who you are and can visit your site.

If we don’t select your topic or you don’t see it immediately, please don’t despair or be offended, we may be saving it for another time or our actual hope is that we have such a huge response from our readers that we won’t have time to keep up with all of your great suggestions.

Suggested topics can be posted as comments to this blog or email them to back2reality@smb411.com

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